General parking rules

Parking rules
Remember to take your parking ticket with you on the trip.
Remember to close windows, sunroofs, turn off lights, etc.
Arrive early.
Leave the handbrake off.
Max. 20km/h in the areas. 
All driving and parking is at your own risk.
Parking is only allowed in designated areas.
Cars parked in driveways, walkways, passages etc. will be subject to an inspection fee, and the car might be moved at the owner's expense.
Drop-off spots between the covered car park and the terminal may not be used for parking.


Height clearance
Covered car park: 2,05 mtr. 
P1, P2, P3, P5: 2,60 mtr.
P6, P7: None
P8, P9: 2,10 mtr. 


Map (overview)