Artwork at the airport

The bird

The bird is located in the central hall to the right side of check-in row A. It is called Take Off and was created by the artist Henrik Voldmester in connection with 25th anniversary of the airport in 1989. It was a gift from the staff to the airport.


King Amlet Bracelet

King Amlet's bracelet in the King Amlet Lounge is a copy of the original Danish treasure trove, which is located at the National Museum. The original bracelet was found at Billund Airport in Queen's Hill, one of the hills at the runway in the now protected area. The story of King Amlet is believed to have been an inspiration for Shakespeare's story about Hamlet. Saxo's chronicle describes King Amlet's life in detail, and it is a very bloody story about murder and cunning in the best style.
Unique artwork in bronze

The unique bronze artwork was made by sculptor Willy Ørskov in 1987 and was revealed at Billund Airport by Willys widow, Grete Grathwol, in June 2013. The Bronze Sculpture is without name and everyone is free to interpret what it seems to be similar to . You will find the sculpture in the hallway around gate 8-10.


Financial Times One

The painting of Ib Monrad Hansen "Financial Times One" is a magnificent portrayal of a small Brazilian mountain village. There are many interpretations of the painting, and some believe to have seen Jesus on the cross in it. See if you can spot all the small details in the painting in the central hall in the waiting area to the right of the check-in counters A.