Welcome to our new King Amlet lounge

Our guests at Billund Airport can look forward to starting their journey in our new lounge. The lounge has had a makeover, and has much more room than earlier.

Our new lounge is decorated with Danish design furniture, and presents itself in a beautiful Nordic style, with light and bright materials in minimalistic surroundings.

King Amlet lounge maintains all the good things that characterizes Billund Airport, and at the same time, it embraces the opportunities we face with the continuous expansion of the airport.

The total capacity has increased to 300 seats in the brand new lounge, and is future secured to the growth in Billund Airport.

As something brand new, we have built a balcony all the way through the new lounge, and we now have a view overlooking the runway, which is visible from almost all seats in the lounge.

Apart from our view, we have been working with zones in our lounge, so that we now are able to seat our guests in the best way possible, to accommodate their individual needs and wishes. The first zone, right across from the large open buffet, is our dining zone, with lots of light and space and the possibility to sit under the large green trees. From this zone, you are fast in, and fast out of the lounge, if you are under time pressure. The next zone you meet is the family zone, which seats families with kids, and this area is furnished with tables with tops, that gives you the opportunity to play board games, e.g. chess. The third zone is our lounge zone, where you find nice, comfortable seats with the opportunity to sit alone or in smaller groups. The last to zones are respectively quiet zone and working zone, where you find space for relaxation and separated workspaces. In this zone, we will establish “phone booths” for private conversations.

King Amlet lounge is ready to welcome you in our new, beautiful surroundings.