Information about the operation areas

Passenger Area

This department employs passenger assistants. Passenger assistants’ work mainly consists of servicing departing passengers at check-in - including helping at check-in automats and during boarding at the gates. Some employees in Passenger Area receive passengers on arrival and handle cases of lost luggage. Behind the scenes, a number of employees work on planning, implementing and controlling air flight traffic.

Ramp Area

In the Ramp Area, the employees (porters) sort, load and unload luggage/cargo from the planes. As a porter you are also responsible for complying with loading and safety procedures. Some porters are also part of the fire and rescue services.



Safety consists of three departments: 
Port Authority, which employs air traffic control operators, who observe the airport’s current weather conditions and prepare meteorological reports and monitor and forward flight plans and other flight operations information.

Air traffic control department is an important focal point in connection with traffic flow. 

The work includes guiding airplanes during landing and take-off, coordinating contact to and from the other traffic-related areas and bus transport airside.

Fire & Rescue

This department employs emergency managers, whose work activities consist of serving as incident managers in connection with accident situations, and in cooperation with the operations manager in Ramp Handling, they carry out management tasks for the associated fire personnel. Moreover, the emergency manager administers first aid in case of injury or illness in the airport area and disability management in connection with flight arrivals/departures.



Work in the Security Department includes security checks of passengers, luggage, personnel, cargo and vehicles. The checks are performed with the use of X-ray equipment, metal detectors and through manual inspection.

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