A World of Books

It is a regular giant who makes his entry into Billund Airport. WHSmith operates more than 720 travel shops specializing in the sale of books, magazines, newspapers, useful shopping for travelers as well as snacks and cool drinks to go.

15. november 2016 13:30


Read a good bestseller or magazine on your journey. There is something for everyone!

WHSmith is a worldwide concept and annually sells more than 30 million books and as much as 1,1 million magazines a week. It corresponds to 18,000 books and magazines every hour, the many stores are open. A large part of concept stores are located in airports spread across the globe (Worldwide, WHSmith is behind more than 1,300 stores in total). The success is due, among other things, to a integrated concept that is effectively adapted to local conditions, so that the large range always has a customized range within categories such as fiction, non-fiction, business and children's literature.

Large expectations
Excitingly new, WHSmith lights up in the kiosk, which has got a huge boost, which from the start spreads joy among the many passengers.

WHSmith has quite high expectations for entering Billund Airport, according to Louis de Bourgoing, International Chairman of WHSmith, who mentions WHSmith as an organization focused on delivering a customized concept that fits perfectly with the visitors' profile.

You also get …
Useful purchases for travelers such as adapters, cables, locks, luggage straps and pillows from their own fire and other global brands are also available at WHSmith. Cool drinks, snacks and some food are available to guests. The selection is large in the world's leading book-selling chain, insisting that the experience of the shops should always be welcoming and that it's easy to shop which traveler, who may have met the concept elsewhere in the world certainly will recognize.