A good year for Billund Lufthavn A/S

Billund Lufthavn A/S ended 2015 with a profit of DKK 43.6 millions - an improvement of DKK 22.1 millions compared to 2014. Total revenue increased by 4.5% to DKK 649.2 millions, an increase of DKK 28.1 millions. For the sixth year in succession, passenger numbers rose.

15. marts 2016 04:30

2015 has been a good year for Billund Airport. Passenger numbers were 2,909,231, which is an increase of 2 %. Again in 2015 the foreign routes were accounted for the increase with a total of 1,893,745 travelers.

"The many news that came in the first half of the year contributed well to the increase, just as a large number of existing airlines experienced a good progress. When the economy also follows the passenger increase, there is good reason to be happy, "says Kjeld Zacho Jørgensen, CEO.

Chairman of the Board: A very satisfying result
The airport doubles the annual results in 2015, which is better than expected. Out of a revenue increase of DKK 28.1 million. DKK 22.1 million lands on the bottom line. The airport succeeded in raising revenue without the costs being followed.

This brings great satisfaction to the Chairman of the Board, Clas Nylandsted Andersen, Director. "It is an expression of increasing airport efficiency, partly due to investments in technological improvements, and a competent effort from the employees. Billund Airport has a skilled and committed staff that continuously contributes to developing and improving service to passengers. There is reason to emphasize, "says the chairman of the board.

Exposure to the different passenger numbers
The rising passenger numbers save a lot of fluctuations. As mentioned, there are foreign routes that account for growth. It is especially the network companies - both existing and new ones - have generated good growth, while Ryanair has up to 100,000 fewer passengers than the year before. A consequence of fewer destinations as well as closure of the company base in the summer of 2015.

Charter traffic dropped 3.3 %, but nevertheless experienced a good season when most of the seats were sold. Domestic traffic had a slight decline of 1.2 %.

Despite the fluctuations, the airport regards 2015 as a normal year when there were changes in air traffic both in the up and down direction, but where there were no extraordinary events affecting airport operations.

Cargo Center Billund exported 63,023 tonnes of goods, which is a slight increase compared with the previous year. Exports increased by 4.0 % to 41.387 tonnes, while imports decreased 5.1 % to 21.645 tonnes.

Selected key figures from Billund Lufthavn A/S
In 2015, Billund Lufthavn A/S generated a cash flow of DKK 113.4 millions from operations before financial items. Long-term debt is reduced by DKK 39.2 millions, net interest expenses of DKK 19.3 millions and investments of DKK 34.2 millions.