Traveling with weapons

How to pack weapons

Contact your airline well in advance if you want to bring weapons for hunting or competitions with you on the trip.

Arrive early because the weapon must be checked by airport staff.


Permissions and forms

If you are traveling to an EU country, you must have a valid weapons licence, weapons permit and hunting license, which will be checked at the airport.

If you are traveling to a country outside of the EU, you must either present the valid weapon pass or a completed weapon declaration (A + B), which can be downloaded on this link to the Police website.

At the same time, a weapon form must be completed, which can be obtained here.

To save time, you may have filled in both forms before arriving at the airport. The forms can also be handed out at the airport.

In addition, the airline may require further approvals and forms - so it is important that you always contact the airline too!


How to pack weapons and ammunition

  • Weapons and ammunition are not allowed in hand luggage and must therefore be checked in as luggage 
  • The weapon must not be loaded
  • If possible, the weapon must be disassembled and packed in different pieces of luggage 
  • The ammunition must be packed separately from the weapon in a separate suitcase 
  • The ammunition must not exceed a net weight of 5 kg



Taking weapons on board (Traffic Authority's website)