There is established 2 teststations at Billund Airport. It is still required to wear face mask or face shield at the airport after the 14th of June.

Teststation: Region Syddanmark
(PCR test)

The test is available to persons over the age of 2.

Info about the PCR test and the station:

  • You may only present at the test station if you are in good health. If you have symptoms, please contact your doctor.
  • The test station at Billund Airport is a voluntary offer to all Danes and foreign persons over the age of 2.
  • The test is an infection test, and the result provides a snapshot of whether you were infected at the time of the test. It is not an antibody test.
  • The test takes 10 seconds to complete and is performed using a long throat swab.
  • You will receive your test result within 72 hours at
  • The test is voluntary and free of charge and is carried out by professional staff from the Region of Southern Denmark.
  • For departures from Billund Airport, testing is available up to 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Upon arrival, you can be tested up to 24 hours after your arrival, provided you arrive outside normal business hours.

Opening hours at the teststation:

See opening hours at Region Syddanmarks website here.

The test station is located in the terminal next to Steffs Place in the arrivals hall, and there is 1 hour free parking at P3.

See map

Quicktest-Station: Falck 
(Antigen test)

You will receive the test result in 15 minutes.

Info about the antigen test and station:

  • The test can be done without making an appointment or without referral from the doctor
  • You must bring ID in the form of a health card, driving license or passport
  • The test is free for everybody
  • You can be tested for COVID-19 at Falck if you are symptom-free
  • The antigen test is performed by swabbing the nasal cavity.
  • The antigen test that Falck uses is the CE-marked SARS-CoV-2 antigen test from Roche.
  • We would like to point out that an antigen test is a different type of test than the PCR test used in other test-facilities maintained by the regions of Denmark. There is a difference in the accuracy of the two test types, depending on where you are in the course of infection or disease.
  • The test results are reported to the Danish Agency for Patient Safety so that they can be included in the authorities' monitoring of the spread of infection in Denmark

If you are traveling abroad, please note that not all countries accept an antigen test as valid documentation for the Covid-19 test performed. Therefore, we encourage you to check the entry restrictions of the country in question before departure

Opening hours for the Quicktest-station:

All days from 8.00 to 20.00.

Please arrive early to the airport, so that you can be testet before departure.

The quicktest-station is located in the terminal next to Check-in row A, and there is 1 hour free parking at P3.

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