On arrival by plane to Billund

From february 7th 2021, new arrival restrictions will take effect in Denmark.
This means that all arriving passangers must follow the following requirements:

  • Negative covid test before departure
  • Meet requirements for arrival approved purposes
  • Take a new quick test on arrival at Billund Airport. If this is negative, the traveler can continue to isolation, cf. new requirements. The test is free for everyone.
  • If the test is positive, the guest must be followed for a PCR test in our Region South Station. The guest must then be transported to isolation facilities, which can either be their own home or public facilities.

Be aware of the possibility for waiting time in the arrival, due to que at the quicktest center.

From January 9th, all passengers boarding a flight to Denmark must be able to provide a negative COVID-19 test at the airport before departure to Denmark. In addition, new arrival restrictions apply.

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On departure by plane from Billund

Right now, you need to pay special attention to the various COVID-19 restrictions that are in place with the airline you are traveling with. Stay up to date on arrival requirements and transit rules on the airline's website. Be aware that there are often several arrival requirements that you should investigate further. If in doubt, contact the airline you are traveling with directly.

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Find arrival requirements for the country you are traveling to here:

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 These are examples of one entry requirement that is particularly important. 

Entry Restrictions / Transit Options


This applies to all nationalities, including Dutch nationals.

From March 16th 2021, there are new requirements for covid testing, when travelling to Amsterdam.

At arrival to final destination Amsterdam Airport, all travelers aged 13 and over must be in possession of :
1. Either a negative PCR test that is max. 24 hours old (NOT an antigen test).
2. Or a negative PCR test that is max 72 hours old + an antigen test that is max 24 hours old.

At arrival in transit at Amsterdam Airport, all travelers aged 13 and over must be in possession of :
A negative PCR test that is max 72 hours old.

Test results must be in one of the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German or Spanish.

Quicktest Center is open all days from 8.00 - 20.00, and at our early departure to Amsterdam at 04.30.

Please arrive early to the airport, so that you can be testet before departure.

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There is a requirement for BOTH a negative PCR test which is max. 72 hours old, and QR code before entering Spain from Denmark, and Antigen test is not accepted.
Children under 6 years are exempt.

See additional arrival requirements


Germany - Lufthansa:
When entering og travelling via Germany, a negative PCR or Antigen test must be presented, which is max. 48 hours old.
Entry forms must be completed when Germany is the final destination, and this can be done online or at the airport.
In transit, the restrictions at the end destination are checked.


Romania - Wizzair:
Everyone must bring a negative covid-19 PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours upon arrival.
Children below 4 years old is accepted.
Vaccinated persons is accepted if they have been vaccinated at least 10 days before departure.

Ukraine - Wizzair:
Everyone must bring a negative covid-19 PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours upon arrival.
In addition, one must also be in possession of a Health Insurance, which covers the cost of covid-19 treatment - it can be purchased online.
Vaccinated persons and persons previously infected with covid-19 are not exempt from the PCR test requirement.