On arrival by plane to Billund

Due to COVID-19, the authorities encourage you to perform a quick test immediately after arrival by plane to Billund. The test can be taken free of charge at Falck's test center, which you will find next to Café Square in the check-in area. From January 9th, all passengers boarding a flight to Denmark must be able to provide a negative COVID-19 test at the airport before departure to Denmark. In addition, new arrival restrictions apply.

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On departure by plane from Billund

Right now, you need to pay special attention to the various COVID-19 restrictions that are in place with the airline you are traveling with. Stay up to date on arrival requirements and transit rules on the airline's website. Be aware that there are often several arrival requirements that you should investigate further. If in doubt, contact the airline you are traveling with directly.

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 These are examples of one entry requirement that is particularly important. 

Entry Restrictions / Transit Options


You must have a negative PCR test that is max 72 hours old at arrival. This applies to all nationalities, including Dutch nationals.

From 23 January 2021, there is also a requirement for a quick test, which must not be more than 4 hours old when boarding.


In week 4 the quicktest-station opens 04.30, so that travellers to Amsterdam with KLM can be tested before departure.

Please arrive early to the airport, so that you can be testet before departure.


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You must have a negative PCR test or TMA test (not to be confused with an antigen test) that is max 72 hours old.

(antigen tests are NOT accepted!)

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