Children must be security checked just as adults

Children must be checked just like adults, and their outerwear, bags, etc. must also be laid in a tray and sent through the X-ray. The fluid rules also apply here, but with few exceptions.


For children under 2 years, you may bring 
(also in containers larger than 100 ml):

  • Milk in feeding bottles
  • Water in feeding bottles
  • Boiled water in a thermo (for example for powder food)
  • Breast milk substitute in cartons
  • Baby food on glass (partly fluid)

The above liquids may be required to be tasted or dripped on for example the hand.

Food you can always bring:

Packed lunches, fruit, carrots and cucumbers etc.


For adults and children over 2 years you can not bring:

Juice, cocoa in cartons/bottles, fruit syrup, water, etc. in drinking bottles and yogurt if the container can contain more than 100 ml.

Please note that strollers must be checked in and can not be brought through security. However, you can borrow free strollers while you are at the airport, see more here:

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