Rights of disabled persons

The rights of disabled persons/persons with mobility problems

The travellers’ rights

 As a disabled person/person with reduced mobility you have the same rights on flights as all other passengers.


Please make your needs known when booking the airline ticket

In order to achieve the same rights, you must inform the airline when you require assistance through the airport and during the flight.

This should be done when you purchase the airline ticket. The airline company will automatically notify the airport of your assistance requirements.

When the assistance is booked by the airline, it is not necessary to notify the airport. Then airport staff will automatically help with check-in of both luggage and equipment, as well as finding a wheelchair if this is desired. It is also agreed that the boarding should take place according to the need for assistance. The return trip is also taken care of as soon as the airline has received information.

Only in case of need for assistance to and from bus or car to the terminal, it is necessary to contact the airport in advance. Contact us at mail: prmbll@bll.dk

If you have further questions about assistance at the airport, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: prmbll@bll.dk at least 48 hours before the flight.

What kind of assistance do you require?

 It is important to tell us what kind of assistance you require, so our specially trained staff can offer you the proper assistance.

The list below can be helpful to ensure a good start to the trip:

  • Assistance at check-in
  • Assistance through security
  • Assistance when you board the plane and disembark upon return
  • If you use a wheelchair (or electric), it is important to inform us whether the wheelchair is collapsible
  • Do you have a certified guide dog?


Agreed time for assistance

If you book assistance at least 48 hours before departure, we aim to provide assistance within 15 minutes from the agreed time - in most cases sooner.

For later bookings, the assistance will be provided as soon as possible from the agreed time.

See the European Commission’s video on the rights of persons with reduced mobility.