Data Protection

About information we collect and what they are used for

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Under the Danish Data Protection Act, which is available at you are entitled to information about the way in which the personal data you provide are processed.

Billund Lufthavn A/S, PO Box 10, 7190 Billund, Denmark, CVR no. 23 34 31 18, is responsible for the information you provide us with. We use the information you provide us with to ensure that you receive a service which best matches your requirements. You may contact us at any time in order to find out what personal information Billund Lufthavn A/S has stored about you.

You are entitled to object in accordance with the Personal Data Act. If the information about you is incorrect, incomplete, misleading or irrelevant, you are entitled to have the stored information corrected or deleted.

If you would like further information about the processing of your personal data, please contact Billund Lufthavn A/S at the address above, at or at +45 7650 5050.


Which information does Billund Lufthavn A/S collect?

Personal Information: Personal information that you enter, for example, when ordering goods or services or creating user profiles. It may be name, address, phone number, date of birth, sex, email, departure, airline etc.

Information on purchase or ordering: When ordering duty-free items or booking of parking space, we registrate which items you have ordered. When paying by credit card, enter card number, expiry date and check digits. Billund Airport stores the credit card information from the time of reservation and until the parking at Billund Airport has been completed. Then the credit card information is deleted from Billund Airport's system.

Information about user behavior: Information about using Billund Lufthavn A/S' websites is collected in log files along with your IP address.

Billund Lufthavn A/S does not register personally sensitive information about, for example, racial or ethnic background, political, religious, sexual or philosophical beliefs.


What is the information used for?

Personal information is used when ordering goods or services or if you have created a profile on one of Billund Lufthavn A/S' website and are logged in. The information is used to provide the desired service/product. We store your personal information to track orders, competitions, and statistics.

Information related to purchases, orders and competitions is stored in order to deliver the item or premium and to statistics. If you have a profile, we will register your purchases and use the information to target information, offers and products, as well as for managing the profile.

Information about which pages on the website you visit are used to customize the website to your needs, for example. by showing offers that are relevant to you. The information is also used to improve the website in general. Billund Lufthavn A/S does not contact you electronically for the purpose of marketing and user surveys unless you consent to this, or unless otherwise permitted by law, for example. service messages. Billund Lufthavn A/S never disclose information to third parties with the exception of partners providing service to Billund Lufthavn A/S and subject to strict confidentiality requirements in accordance with applicable regulations in the area.



Billund Lufthavn A/S uses cookies on our websites. A cookie is a text file that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. When a cookie is read by a server through the web browser, it can help provide a more user-friendly service - for example. by remembering previous purchases or account information, or by giving Billund Lufthavn A/S knowledge of the number of visitors the website has and which parts of the website are most visited. As a result, Billund Lufthavn A/S has the opportunity to provide you with more targeted and relevant information.

According to the Cookie Rules, we must obtain consent to any cookies that are not technically necessary for making purchases or bookings on the websites of Billund Lufthavn A/S. This means that, as a user of the websites, you consent to the use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. You can read more about how to block and delete cookies.

If you want to order goods on or book a parking space, you must accept session cookies.