Fill up with fuel

Fill up with fuel at the airport

The gas station at Billund Airport has become an OK.

The petrol station at Billund Airport is often used by travelers in and out of the busy airport.

Claus Møller Sørensen, Sales Manager at OK, says about the background for the change of brand:

"The delivery to the petrol station at the airport has been sent in a bid, and the offer was won by OK in competition with the Canadian oil company, which stands behind Ingo, who has operated the station so far."
"It's already the case that you can pay for parking at the airport with OK Benzinkort, so it makes sense that you can fill up your car at OK at the same time. Of course, there are some changes at the station. For example, there are new payment options, so the drivers in addition to OK cards, credit cards and Dankort can pay with OK's App, MobilePay and, of course, contactless."