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Handling companys and internal pages

Read about the different companys in the airport.

Ground Handling Billund Airport

Informations about handling and service at the airport.

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Business trafic, taxi flights and generel aviation

All operators, commercial and private, must make prior arrangements with a handling agent for services and/or parking at Billund Airport. 

All aircraft above 3500 kg MTOM require slot coordination via Airport Coordination Denmark A/S (ACD): https://airportcoordination.com/  

For business traffic, taxi flights and general aviation Prior Permission Required (PPR) is mandatory via a Fixed Base Operator (FBO): https://www.blackbirdair.com/fbo, https://www.joinjet.com or https://www.alsie.com 

Requests for military flights, calibration and other requests can be directed to Billund Airport: briefing@bll.dk  


The following exemptions apply: 

Operators with residency and intention to park directly at own apron/premises at Billund Airport. 

Aircraft in distress or urgency, flights engaged in Search and rescue and nonscheduled ambulance flights. 

Aircraft to a maintenance facility after prior arrangement with the proprietor.

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