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Access for guests

Guidelines for issuing guest cards

Who can access?

Guests, irrespective of errands, can access the airport's locked areas on condition that they are accompanied during the entire visit by a person with a Billund Airport Id card.


Number of companions / guests

The number of companions must be sufficient at all times to maintain control with the guests. One companion must max accompanying 10 people (11-20 guests = two companions, etc.).

An agreement is reached with the department manager(s) responsible for the areas that you wish to show your guests. This doesn't relate to the areas in the departure hall and the arrival hall and if the purpose is to shop/eat in Sales.

Visiting the Cargo Center Billund is only possible within their opening hours.

Companion's responsibility

The companion is responsible for compliance with the applicable security and safety rules (eg hearing protection, vest, etc.). As a companion, you only have access to the areas at the airport, which are listed on the Id card.


Guest Card + Registration

In order for a guest to access the airport's locked areas, the guest must be registered (name, company name and date of birth) and have provided a guest card approved by the airport, which must be worn.

These guest cards are handed out at the Main Guard, Checkpoint Nord, Cargo Center Billund, or Operation & Maintenance.

How many times can a guest come?

A guest enter the airport's locked areas 20 times within 12 months.

Avoid waiting time for guest card delivery

If you want to avoid waiting time, please inform us about the information on the guests (names, company names and dates of birth) to the Main Guard (hovedvagt@bll.dk) or Checkpoint Nord (cpnord@bll.dk). Then we can have the guest cards ready for the desired time.


Photo ID is mandatory when receiving the guest card.