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BiLLs Journey

Lots of entertainment for the youngest children


Download BiLL's free app for kids and playful souls

In Billund Airport's free app for children, families with children and playful souls, you have the opportunity to see and entertain different movies, where BiL is the main character of an animated digital world.

The universe focuses on the amazing experience it is for both young and old to fly.

Download the app to iOS in the App Store or Android in Google Play here:





Useful advices for parents before downloading the Bill app

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In 6 short animated films, you can follow BiLL on his trip from everyday nectar collection, through the airport and towards the warm countries. BiLL experiences a lot when he f.ex. has to pack his suitcase, check in and go through security.



BiLL's app includes a destination game, a memory game, and a flight game that is fun and educational, which can entertain the children at the airport, on the plane, and on the journey.


Free, without advertising and game purchase

BiLL's journey is free, advertising-free and without game purchase - a perfect way to make the stay at the airport a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

BiLL's journey is also available in English and can be downloaded as "Fly with BiLL".