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The Buddha Bowl Project ...It's a lifestyle

The foundation and starting point for our food is that it must be healthy, nutritious and rich in protein.

We always use only raw materials of the best quality and of course primarily organic.

Our dishes are built around the concept of Functional Food, ie. foods that are specially designed to have a contributing effect on promoting health.

We make everything ourselves from scratch, mix our own dressings, squeeze fresh juices, smoothies, etc. - all with a touch of love.
... It's a lifestyle.


The Buddha Bowl Project

The opening hours of The Buddha Bowl Project are coordinated and flexible after the flights, and the times may vary depending on the current situation.

The restaurant is located after check-in and security check. Guests who do not have to go through check-in and security checks therefore do not have access, but can instead find food and drink in Square Café or Steff’s Place (classic sausage cart).