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It is easy to park at Billund Airport. If you reserve in advance, there is also money to save. We guarantee that there always is an avaible parking space at the airport. Even if it is no longer possible to book a parking space online, we always have free parking spaces at one of the other areas.

Find information about Lufthavnsparkering here or contact us at phone number : +45 75 35 40 33.

Transport options, parking and service for your car

Find information about transport options to and from Billund Airport. Just as you can find info about parking, as well as various transport services such as car wash etc.

Park & Fly

Park right outside the terminal and leave the rest to us


Escape the trouble and save time - park just outside the terminal and leave the rest to us.

It is so easy

  • Deliver the car key in the key box
  • Go directly to Check-In or Security
  • We pick up your car in front of the terminal
  • Your car will be parked in the P-house at P-INFO
  • After your trip, go to P-INFO
  • Pay for Park & Fly and parking
  • Get the key handed out
  • You can now leave Billund Airport

The benefits to you

  • Save time and go straight to the terminal
  • No pre-order
  • Put the key in the box and leave the rest to us
  • No trouble finding a parking space
  • Always parking in the P-house right next to the P-INFO
  • 24 hour surveillance of the car
  • Possibility of Car Clean while you are away

You can get Park and Fly service for only DKK 200 + parking fee


Guide (See the pictures below)

1. Drive in at Park & Fly, when you arrive at the airport

2. Park & deliver your car key in the key box


Please note that the printed receipt for reservation must be placed on the front seat when delivering the car to Park & Fly. The car will be parked in the P-house. If you have any questions please contact P-INFO or call LufthavnsParkeringen on phone:  +45 75 35 40 33.

All inclusive

We park and clean your car


When you order an All Inclusive package, you will get your car ready while traveling.

Drive to PARK & FLY.

Deliver the car key in the key box.

Go directly to Check-in or Securiry.

We pick up your car for parking and preparation at Airport Car Clean.

After the trip, go to P-INFO.

Get your car key delivered.

You can now leave Billund Airport.


Choose from 3 All inclusive packages - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Order here

Car Wash and Service

Does your car need to be cleaned, while you relax on your holiday?


Wouldn't it be nice if you could come home for a shiny clean car after a week in the sunshine of the south? Airport Carclean specializes in car preparation and can clean your car from top to buttom while you are enjoying the sun..

There are several products to choose from. For only DKK 325 your car can get a thorough external cleaning. If you want complete exterior and interior cleaning of your car with matching polishing and top sealing, this can also be offered.

If there is a stonemate in the windscreen, or if there is a desire for undercarriage treatment, Airport Carclean has a cooperation agreement with CarGlass and SUVO undercarriage treatment. These services can therefor also be handled while you are traveling.

Further information on products and prices can be found at https://airportcarclean.dk/Order preparation - It's simple

Order preparation at https://airportcarclean.dk/

When ordering, you will quickly receive a receipt for ordering.

When you arrive at Billund Airport, park in the desired P area. Then you hand in the car keys in P-INFO, located in the P-house ground level, just opposite the terminal building. Note, P-INFO is open 24 hours a day.

Upon return, pick up the car keys in P-INFO. Your car is now parked in a parking space in the P house, near P-INFO.

If you have not ordered preparation of your car, the order can also be placed directly at P-INFO.

Recharge Electric Vehicle

At Billund Airport it is possible to recharge your electric vehicle


This can be carried out respectively at the parking building A, witch is equipped with 4 parking spaces on floor ground at P-INFO.

Billund Airport uses electric charging stations from E-On. We recommend that you are a member of E-On, as you will receive an adapter that gives access to electrical vehicles.

Not a member? Please contact E-On 24-7 on telephone 70 27 05 77. Here you inform E-On which charging station you have chosen (the number indicated on the stand) and your registration and account number. After registration have been fulfilled, the charging station will be activated, ready for charging.

For connectivity issues, please feel free to contact P-INFO at the airport, where our staff from LufthavnsParkeringen will provide you with guidance.

For further information on E-On charging stations as well as enrollment, please visit www.eon.dk.

If you park more than 1 day, we kindly ask you to deliver your car keys in P-info, located in the P-house, ground floor (follow the blue line). Then we have the opportunity to move your car after charging, allowing others to charge their electric cars. After your trip you can pick up your car keys in P-info, where you will also be informed where the car is parked.

P-info is available 24 hours a day.

Fill up with fuel

Fill up with fuel at the airport


The gas station at Billund Airport has become an OK.

The petrol station at Billund Airport is often used by travelers in and out of the busy airport.

Claus Møller Sørensen, Sales Manager at OK, says about the background for the change of brand:

"The delivery to the petrol station at the airport has been sent in a bid, and the offer was won by OK in competition with the Canadian oil company, which stands behind Ingo, who has operated the station so far.""It's already the case that you can pay for parking at the airport with OK Benzinkort, so it makes sense that you can fill up your car at OK at the same time. Of course, there are some changes at the station. For example, there are new payment options, so the drivers in addition to OK cards, credit cards and Dankort can pay with OK's App, MobilePay and, of course, contactless."

Shuttle Bus

We offer free shuttle bus to and from terminal.

The shuttle bus is requested on call at the stops and in the terminal.

LufthavnsParkeringen can be contacted on phone number +45 75 35 40 33

Road Map

Billund Airport is centrally located in West Denmark


Billund Airport is centrally located in West Denmark. If you are using a GPS to find your way to the airport please use our postal address: Billund Airport, Passagerterminalen 10, 7190 Billund. Alternatively click here to use Google Map.