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When planning the next flight, there are many questions about luggage, check-in, passports, meeting times, etc.

Get answers to most things here or find your next trip from Billund Airport. You can book flights, travel and find departures from Billund under travel info.

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Get an overview of which destinations you can travel to at this time from Billund Airport.

Airlines are constantly opening up more and more routes. Stay tuned here on the page and see if your desired destination is on the list.


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Find flights to the world. You can search and book your flight ticket directly from Billund Airport on this page.

Search the journey online here. Your experiences start at Billund Airport.

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Here you will find a large selection of cheap charter flights from Billund Airport. You will also find a selection of here and now trips. Whether you want to book your charter trip well in advance or you want to depart ‘Last minute’, there are plenty of good package holidays and special offers to choose from from Billund.

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