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Lost and Found

The remaining items will be kept for 2 weeks plus current week, and everything else will be donated to charity. 

Lost and Found keeps lost property found on board airplanes or in and around Billund Airport.

Money, wallets and passports will be handed over to the police and items that are purchased in connection with a trip are dropped off at Customs.

Upon inquiry after 24 hours, a fee of DKK 50.00 is charged for administration and treatment of lost property.

Lost and Found items can be picked up at Bagage Service all days between 08 - 15.

Shipping of lost items is possible, for a shipping fee and an administration fee. However, this does not apply to routes from Norway, as they have special customs rules.

Shipping rates depend on weight and distance.

Lost and Found can be contacted at the form below.

Lost and Found will reply as soon as possible.