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Ground Handling Billund Airport


Passenger Services

  • Check-in KIOSK services – Business and Economy availability in a common-use environment
  • Self Service Bag Drop
    • Supporting both one-step and two-step solutions:
      • One-step:Print of bag tag and drop of bag at the same self-service stand
      • Two-step: Print of bag tag at the KIOSK and drop of bag at the self-service stand
  • Amadeus DCS enabling both airline participation and Ground Handler participation
  • Amadeus BRS
  • Boarding gates equipped with eGates
  • Irregularity Handling – flights interrupted, delayed or cancelled
  • Seating of flights


Arrival Services

  • KIOSK services
  • Delayed and damaged bags reports (AHL & DPR)
  • Worldwide Baggage Tracing
  • Replacement bag solutions
  • Delivery of delayed baggage to passengers


Ramp Services/Operations

  • Load Control - Weight and Balance
  • Bulk/ULD management and handling
  • Loading/unloading of cargo
  • Water service
  • Toilet service
  • Turnaround checks
  • Push-back / walk out assistance
  • Crew coordination
  • De-Icing/Anti-icing
  • All means of communication with the carriers aircraft


Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning in accordance with carriers instructions
  • Night stop cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Remedition
  • Refill on paper, soaps etc
  • Restock magazines
  • Pillow and Blankets – wash and change
  • Air freshener services
  • Disinfection of aircraft
  • Stock of cleaning material
  • Storage facility


Ticket/Sales Services

  • Airport Ticketing Office

    Various set-up’s to choose from:
  • Full Ticketing support
  • Remote Ticketing support
  • Compensation card handling
  • Ancillary services


Ground Handling Support

  • Key-account management
  • Contract management
  • Quality & Safety management
  • Operational management