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Nuxe Super VN062701 SER
15 ML
Super Serum [10] Eye: the eyes look 10 years younger (1). NUXE has adapted the anti-aging efficacy of Super Serum [10] to the specific needs of the eye area. Its formula with Hyaluronic Acid and Botanical Caffeine is infused with thousands of fractionated Vegetable Oil micro-beads. A universal anti-aging concentrate of effectiveness for a 360° correction: wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, signs of fatigue. Anti-aging effectiveness: -Frown lines and crow's feet appear corrected. -Puffiness appears deflated for 88% of women (2). -Dark circles are reduced for 100% of women (3). -The eye contour is luminous for 100% of women (3). -The eyes look younger for 97% of women (3). A unique fresh texture and a light perfume adapted for the eye contour. Formulated and manufactured in France. (1) Usage test - 31 volunteers. 56 days of use. (2) Consumer test - 64 volunteers. % of satisfaction after 56 days of use. (3) Usage test - 31 volonteers - % satisfaction after 56 days of use.
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