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LEGO Figures

Note the unique LEGO figures


The Green Planet

With the fancy name "I gave permission for a small amount of planting, but after the holiday everything has almost become green" is a gift from LEGO to the airport in connection with the opening of the new terminal in 2002.

The artist Jesper Dalgaard and 17 LEGO designers have spent approx. 2,800 hours on the project. There has been used approx. 312,000 pcs. LEGO bricks, and the planet weighs about 780 kg.

The Green Planet is located in the terminal between the Arrival and Central Hall.

LEGO King Amlet

Just next to the stairs to King Amlet Lounge in the departure hall stands King Amlet, made by model builders at LEGO. It was a gift to the airport from LEGO. It's King Amlet, as you imagine he has looked. 


The LEGO Skater

The LEGO Skater is a figure built for the LEGO store at the airport in connection with the opening in summer 2012.

Take a picture with the cool, specially built LEGO skater on level 3 in the dining area after security check.

Pssst! The skater has also sneaked into BiLL's journey treasure hunt.