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Billund Airport - Facts & History

An airport of remarkable growth

Billund Airport - West Denmark direct 

We provide easy access to and from the world with direct routes to over 90 destinations. Nine out of ten of our passengers travel to and from abroad, so we can rightly call ourselves West Denmark's International Airport.

We will turn using Billund Airport into an experience. This requires that our dedicated and competent staff work every day to create the best environment for our nearly three million passengers. We achieve this by creating optimal conditions for airlines, charter operators and goods transportation that provide services to: Billund Airport – direct to the world.

If we are to develop our position as West Denmark's International Airport, which can support growth and development, it requires a healthy and sustainable economy. This is ensured through sound investments and necessary efficiency improvement. We have, among other things, focus on environmental solutions, where we will be a leading airport - to the benefit of both our economy and the environment.

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Billund Airport opened in 1964 in an old hangar with a single control tower and a 1660-metre asphalt runway.

Since then the airport has experienced remarkable growth that is associated with a general economic and cultural development in the region. The airport has continuously expanded from having only two domestic departures a day to sending its passengers to destinations all over the world with many departures each day. Today the name of our airport is Billund Airport and has a passenger terminal of 40,000 m2, which is designed to handle 3.5 million passengers a year.