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Check-in guide

We recommend that you meet at the airport no later than two hours before your departure


We recommend that you check-in online, even berore you arrive at the airport.

Go to check-in online

It is different when the online check-in opens, depending on which airline you are flying with. Go to Check-In Online and enter your flight number. Here you can see if you can check in now.

Once you have checked in online, you can print your boarding pass or download it to your smartphone (scheduled flight). When you arrive at the airport, you go directly to the counter under the big departure board.

Check-in at the airport

If check-in is made at the airport, this should be done on the vending machines just inside the entrance of the terminal. At the vending machines, service staff are always ready to help you if you have questions.

Check your flight ticket when your airline closes for check-in. Please note that at the stated time, check-in must be completed.

We recommend that you meet at the airport no later than two hours before your departure - whether you have made online check-in from home or at the airport.

It takes only 45 seconds to drop the suitcase, but especially during the busy summer months there may be queues to reach the drop-off point.


This is how you check-in


Check in online and save time when flying from Billund Airport.
It's easy to check in from home. You simply click on bll.dk and enter the flight number shown on your ticket.


When you arrive at Billund Airport, there are 3 different options depending on whether you are traveling with luggage or you only travel with cabin luggage.


If you only travel with cabin luggage, you can go directly to Security.


If you travel with baggage, go to the desk with the airline logo on the screen and hand over your luggage.


Save time - handel your luggage with Self Service Bagdrop. Enter and deliver your luggage in less than 1 minute. Go to Self Service Bagdrop at the airport. The screen at the counter shows the detailed procedure: Scan your boarding pass. The machine prints your luggage tag which you put on your suitcase and scans. The baggage is sent directly to your destination.


Have a nice trip from Billund Airport.