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Visit West Denmark

Here you will find further information about accommodation and what West Denmark has to offer – please look at the various online brochures and websites.

Visit Aarhus

Aarhus has several attractions that are renowned internationally.

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Visit Billund

In Billund we're all about family holidays and super fun experiences.

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Visit Fredericia

The town of Fredericia is located right in the middle of Denmark. Enjoy the marvelous beaches, beautiful natural areas and a cultural life with plenty of exciting experiences and events to choose from.

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Visit Herning

Welcome to Herning – the city is known for its many concerts and big fairs.

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Europaeisk Middelalderfestival
Visit Horsens

In Horsens, activities and events take place all year round, which give the city its pulse - the highlights of the year, which bring out the big emotions.

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Visit Juelsminde

With the right accommodation for you, you will relax with quietness, birds singing and beautiful sunrises.

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Koldinghus Den Gamle Kongeborg
Visit Kolding

Welcome to Kolding – Great fun for everyone.

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Visit Odense

Welcome to Odense - right in the middle of Denmark.

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Visit Ribe

Visit Ribe With its outstanding status as Denmark's oldest and best preserved town, Ribe offers a unique atmosphere.

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Visit Rømø Tønder

Welcome to the unique nature of the Wadden Sea , which in 2014 was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Visit Vejen

The area south of Billund offers delicious accommodations and several experiences for children with animals, stars and Vikings.

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Kongens Kaer Udsigtstaarn 5 Mh
Visit Vejle

Look forward to an eventful holiday in Vejle where you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy a well-deserved break.

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