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Cargo Center Billund

Cargo Center Billund is Billund Airport's Handling Agent on the cargo side

Our customers are airlines, forwarding agents and transporters of goods. It works so that most foreign airlines operate in Denmark with a relatively small sales and booking staff or they are represented by a GSA - General Sales Agent. The physical handling is outsourced to a GHA (General Handling Agent), in this case Cargo Center Billund (CCB).

CCB has entered into a contractual agreement with the airline companies on service standards, handling method, security, EDI, Customs clearance, etc., so that on behalf of the airline companies, we deal with their customers who are forwarding companies and other transporters of goods.

CCB has excellent and close cooperation with the forwarding companies in Denmark and we offer a wide range of value added services related to the airlines' products.

CCB, which is the agent for WFS (Worldwide Flight Services), handles, along with Spirit Air Cargo Handling, which is Billund Airport's other cargo handling company, over 100 airline companies, giving the West Danish industry many options to reach the world directly from Billund Airport.

You can read more about Cargo Center Billund here.