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Facilities for disabled persons

Information about aids, meeting points and arrival by car or by bus.

On this page you will find information about disabled facilities at the airport. Including aids, meeting places and assistance in relation to arrival by car or bus.


Aids at Billund Airport for disabled persons/persons with mobility problems


In Billund Airport you can borrow a wheelchair free of charge. Upon transfer to one of the airport's wheelchairs, already at check-in, you will have plenty of time to bring your own wheelchair on board the aircraft.

However, you also have the opportunity to bring your own wheelchair all the way to the gate. It will take a while at check-in so it can be loaded directly at the aircraft door. The same can be done for example with a walker.

In the case of an electric wheelchair, it may be advantageous to switch to one of the airport's wheelchairs upon check-in as it takes a little longer to load an electric wheelchair, which may need to be merged or shared.

Remember always to contact the airline/travel agent if you bring an electric wheelchair. There may be special rules for these.


Boarding assistance (Ergoport)
On pictures 1 and 2 at the bottom of the page you can see an illustration of how to help you on board. It's easy to get from the wheelchair to Ergoporten, and you're comfortable in it while driving to the cabin. Ergortorten makes it easy to board the cabin. 

Stair Lift
There is a stair lift for all passenger bridges. See pictures 3 and 4 at the bottom of the page.


Terminal interior
Disabled access was a core element of the construction of the airport. The terminal is on three levels, and with elevator there is easy access to all facilities for the disabled. Check-in machines have a height so they are easy to use, even if you are a wheelchair users. 

Read out the text loud
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Go to www.adgangforalle.dk. Here you can download the remote control and read more about the function.

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Website godadgang.dk (website with detailed description of the conditions at Billund Airport).


Arriving by car

If you arrive by car

At Arrivals and Departures, there are reserved disabled spaces by the sidewalk at the terminal. You may not park in these spaces for more than 15 minutes.

There are marked disabled parking spaces in P3 and the covered car park, which are reserved for cars with disabled badges. In the covered car park, the spaces can be found in the eastern end of the covered car park that is closest to the passenger terminal.

For parking in the marked spaces, you only pay the normal parking fee for ground level parking. Please contact P-Info regarding parking fee settlement. If the covered car park is busy, you can request assistance by pressing the call button on the stand by the entrance, so as to be assigned a parking space.


Shuttle bus

If you park in P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 or P6, you can use the shuttle bus that runs between the car parks and the passenger terminal. The shuttle bus is requested through the intercom at the bus stops. The shuttle bus has low access and a built-in ramp so it is easy for wheelchair users to get on and off.

Arriving by bus

If you arrive by bus

The bus stops are right in front of the passenger terminal. If you have booked assistance, you can also request that the assistant meets you at the bus.

Click here to see the bus timetable to and from the airport.

Rights of disabled persons

The rights of disabled persons/persons with mobility problems


The travellers’ rights

As a disabled person/person with reduced mobility you have the same rights on flights as all other passengers.


Please make your needs known when booking the airline ticket

In order to achieve the same rights, you must inform the airline when you require assistance through the airport and during the flight.

This should be done when you purchase the airline ticket. The airline company will automatically notify the airport of your assistance requirements.

When the assistance is booked by the airline, it is not necessary to notify the airport. Then airport staff will automatically help with check-in of both luggage and equipment, as well as finding a wheelchair if this is desired. It is also agreed that the boarding should take place according to the need for assistance. The return trip is also taken care of as soon as the airline has received information.

Only in case of need for assistance to and from bus or car to the terminal, it is necessary to contact the airport in advance. Contact us at mail:prm@bll.dk.

If you have further questions about assistance at the airport, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:prm@bll.dkat least 48 hours before the flight.


What kind of assistance do you require?

It is important to tell us what kind of assistance you require, so our specially trained staff can offer you the proper assistance.

The list below can be helpful to ensure a good start to the trip:

  • Assistance at check-in
  • Assistance through security
  • Assistance when you board the plane and disembark upon return
  • If you use a wheelchair (or electric), it is important to inform us whether the wheelchair is collapsible
  • Do you have a certified guide dog?


Agreed time for assistance

If you book assistance at least 48 hours before departure, we aim to provide assistance within 15 minutes from the agreed time - in most cases sooner.

For later bookings, the assistance will be provided as soon as possible from the agreed time.

See the European Commission’s video on the rights of persons with reduced mobility.

Meeting point

Meeting points for disabled/persons with reduced mobility

There are two possible meeting places, either at the check-in area in the terminal or at P-info in the P-house A, ground level.

Meeting place by P-info in the covered car park +45 75 35 40 33.

In the check-in area there is a meeting point between the machines in front of lines A and B - here we help you quickly and easily through check-in and on-the-go.


Passengers with invisible disabilities

The sunflower cord is for you who have an invisible disability or other hidden diagnosis. For example, if you living with ADHD, anxiety, autism, Alzheimer's, dyslexia, arthritis or other diagnoses that make the trip through the airport more difficult for you than for others. The sunflower cord is for you who can and want to travel yourself.


If your disability or your diagnosis is so inhibiting for you that the trip through the airport is unaffordable, then you can book personal assistance via the airline when you buy your flight ticket.
Read more here.

A discreet way to indicate that you have an invisible disability
The cord is free and handed out at the meeting place for the disabled, where all visits take place from.

You do not have to document your disability.

The sunflower cord tells us who work at the airport that you may need extra time, consideration and patience.

The sunflower cord is an international symbol of invisible handicap used at several airports around the world to create a level playing field for all passengers who experience that the journey through the airport is unmanageable.

The cord can be worn by passengers who have invisible disabilities who want to travel, but who want to signal that they may need a little more time, help and patience from us.

Have the sunflower cord sent to you before departure

We would now like to offer our passengers the opportunity to order the sunflower cord and have it sent directly to your home. Simply fill out the form below and we will send it to you by post as soon as possible. We point out that the cord is only intended for the person with an invisible disability and therefore it is only possible to order 1 cord per user. If you do not want to travel for the time being, we ask you to wait to book. You can always get a sunflower string handed out at the meeting place for the disabled, which you will find in the departure hall in the terminal.

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