Parantel guide

A free, advertising-free service from Billund Airport for you and your children

You can be completely confident in retrieving BiLL's journey, because it is a free, advertising-free service from Billund Airport to you and your children.

Below you will find practical information so you are well prepared for the treasure hunt.

The fine printed:

  • The app works on all newer iOS and Android devices
  • There is no game purchase in BiLL's journey
  • There are no advertisements in BiLL's journey
  • BiLLs travel has been developed for children aged 6-12, but can be used by children aged 2-5
  • The app can be retrieved at home or via the airport's free WiFi FREEinternetBLL
  • When the app is installed, it does not need internet to work. Therefore, the kids can also play with the app on the plane and on the journey free of charge
  • BiLL's journey fills 282MB for iOS and 245MB for Android, therefore allow a few minutes for download


We recommend:

  • download the app at home so the children can see all 6 cartoons in preparation for the trip
  • to use BiLL's journey to make the airport visit and flight a fun and educational experience
  • We recommend charter guests to arrive approx. 2t.25min. before departure and routing approx. 1t.55min. before departure


Download the app for iOS at App Store or Android at Google Play: