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Mission, Vision, Employees, Economy etc.


We are West Denmark's International Airport and we provide easy access to and from the world.


Billund Airport – direct to the world

  • We will create good experiences for passengers
  • We will create optimal conditions for airlines, charter operators and goods transportation
  • We want to be known as a good work place with competent and committed employees
  • We will ensure an economy that allows investments to improve efficiency and development
  • We want to be among the leading airports in terms of environmental solutions



Billund Airport has about 1600-1700 employees. Of which, approx. 800 are the airport's own employees and about 800-900 are employed with the other companies at the airport.


Billund Airport is a public limited company called Billund Airport A/S. We have public owners, but we operate as a private company.

After the former majority shareholder, Vejle County, was abolished in connection with the municipality reform, the county's 50% shareholding was distributed among the municipalities in the county. From 1 January 2007, the owners are: Vejle Municipality (34.3%), Kolding Municipality (25.9%), Billund Municipality (15%), Horsens Municipality (10.7%), Fredericia Municipality (6.9%), Hedensted Municipality (6.1), Ikaste-Brande Municipality (1.0%) and Billund Airport (0.1%) (own shares).


At Billund Airport we focus on growth, so that we can maintain and develop our position as Western Denmark's International Airport.



Billund Airport has two terminals. The new passenger terminal is 40,000 m2 and designed to handle 3.5 million passengers a year with the existing traffic pattern.

Passengers go to and from the aircraft via walkways or they are driven to and from 16 remote parking areas.
 The old terminal is home to both some of the activities of Cargo Center Billund and a Business and General Aviation Centre where corporate and business aircraft, as well as taxi and private aircraft are handled.


Cargo Center Billund (CCB)

CCB is home to GSAs (General Sales Agents), 11 forwarding agents, the air cargo departments of Air France/KLM and SAS, and the express parcel company TNT. The airport and the other companies that are there employ more than 450 employees in the air cargo centre.

CCB has service halls totalling about 18,000 m2, equipped to handle transfers between lorries and aircraft, break down and build flight palettes/containers and handle both cold and warm temperature-sensitive goods. You can read CCB's description of cargo handling here.


Border control station

Through our many years of experience in handling live animals (mostly breeding animals) for import and export, our airport has been approved by the Danish and EU veterinary authorities as a border control station. Both veterinary and fisheries control therefore have an office and laboratory here at the airport, where they can immediately analyze samples. Similarly, the airport has fitted out one cargo hall with a boat system and a water trough, so it is possible to house animals for a few hours.