All children must have their own passport, no matter how old they are.

All children must have their own passport, no matter how old they are. It is the municipality's civil service that issues passports and it takes about 10-14 days.

Beware that passports for children from 0-2 year olds are only valid for two years and passports for children and young people aged 2-18 years are valid for five years. Passports for adults are valid for 10 years.

When traveling to certain destinations, the passport must also be valid for a period of three or six months after returning home.

Read more about taking passports:
Foreign Ministry

Free strollers at the airport

Be aware that you can not bring your own stroller through security in Billund Airport. Instead, you can use the airport's free strollers, which you will find right next to WHSmith by the elevator to the King Amlet Lounge.

See the map of the airport here:

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Protect your stroller on the journey

Be sure to protect your stroller on the journey. You can buy a stroller bag at our Square kiosk in the check-in area, which protects it well throughout the transport.


Rent a box and protect your belongings

You can rent a bag or box to protect your belongings on the journey. It may be to protect strollers/baby carriages or a variety of different sports equipments. Read more about Airshells and book at

Find a service representative upon arrival at the airport and show them your rental agreement to receive your bag or box.

When you return, simply drop of your rented bag or box at Arrivals Service.